The Vision of MOTEC-OT

The Metropolitan Occupational Therapy Educational Council of New York and New Jersey — guiding excellence in fieldwork education and securing the future of occupational therapy, while supporting the Centennial Vision of the American Occupational Therapy Association.


The Mission of MOTEC-OT

To serve as a resource for fieldwork education allowing for collaboration between Fieldwork Educators and academic fieldwork coordinators.  

To promote a supportive network fostering excellence in fieldwork education and helping students transition to competent entry level practitioners ready to meet the occupational needs of society.


MOTEC-OT’s Philosophy

  • Promote quality fieldwork education

  • Encourage collaboration between academic programs and fieldwork education sites

  • Partner with Fieldwork Educators to increase quality and availability of fieldwork education sites

  • Exchange concerns, ideas and resources between academic and Fieldwork Educators

  • Ensure that fieldwork education supports current and emerging practice areas

  • Encourage students to promote occupation-centered intervention and evidence based practice in the fieldwork settings

  • Encourage students and Fieldwork Educators to engage in science driven, evidence based practice to support reimbursement of occupational therapy services.